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To grow the technology talent ecosystem in order to advance long-term economic prosperity for all Nebraska.

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Featured Partner: EKI-Digital

EKI-Digital believes that business is a force for good by creating opportunity for customers, employees and their communities. Our company focuses on creating entrepreneurial opportunities for young people that typically lack the role models and networks to succeed in the tech field. We support black and Hispanic inclusion in the tech industry, and we support and encourage those people that work with us with entrepreneurial aspirations via mentoring and investment. 

In March of 2021, EKI-Digital will be opening an Omaha office that will be the headquarters of the Omaha Alpha Mission and its business operations in Nebraska. Its first office will focus on helping emerging entrepreneurs benefit from mentorship of established black entrepreneurs and leveraging a proven digital innovation methodology in ways that help them grow their businesses. The Omaha Alpha Mission is a market-based plan for creating transformational and sustainable economic advancement for Nebraska’s black citizens and a digitally enabled industry (Quantitative Category Management) that will lead to good paying jobs for both Urban and Rural Nebraskans and national recognition for the state. The outcomes of the plan are achieved by giving black entrepreneurs the opportunity to deliver value to customers and in exchange for that opportunity a small portion of their proceeds go towards supporting micro-finance investments that lift the entire community. The goal is to create 1,000 jobs, sustainable business that enable wealth creation and an aspirational roadmap for young people in the community so that they invest their energies in activities that lead to participation in the economy of the future. The plan is built around a Live/Work ecosystem called a Digital Innovation and Commercialization Campus.

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Handle all aspects of partnership processing, CRM, and tracking. Must be an outstanding communicator with a talent for building strong relationships between our partners and NTC.

Now Seeking 2021 Applicants

Nebraska Dev Lab is now accepting applications for their next cohort. This is a software developer apprenticeship program with Don’t Panic Labs and Doane University.