Nebraska Tech Collaborative
2020 End of Year Report

NTC was created to grow the technology talent ecosystem to advance long-term economic prosperity for all Nebraska.

Nebraska Tech Collaborative
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NTC is proud to collaborate with 70+ partners throughout Nebraska.

Nebraska Tech Collaborative

NTC supports and promotes technology events throughout Nebraska.

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Latest BLS Data

This week the Bureau of Labor Statistics produced its annual Occupational Employment Statistics (OES).  This year’s data was particularly interesting

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Featured Partner: GitGo

The tech community in Nebraska is vibrant and full of bright minds, but taking that innovation to new industries and new markets is a true challenge. Hospitality groups and hotels are faced with market volatility, team utilization constraints, and adapting to a data-first world at the speed of change. 

Enter GitGo Group.

GitGo understands that innovation and adopting a technology-driven environment takes time and requires specialized expertise. Over the last 12 years, they have worked with global leaders of the largest companies in the Hospitality industry to drive new business development using technology, marketing automation, and B2B lead generation strategies that support hotel revenue goals. 

With over 6 million conversations with hospitality buyers across multiple market segments, GitGo has created a rapid growth strategy that helps their clients drive revenue to the bottom line. They walk their clients through a personalized step-by-step strategy specific to the organization’s BizDev goals to accelerate the path to revenue and reduce the cost to ROI. This enables hotel teams to become more productive while the GitGo team uses strategic consulting, services, and technology to produce B2B revenue to the bottom line. 

GitGo is proud to be partners with and support the efforts of the Nebraska Technology Collaborative.

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Career Opportunities in Tech

Our partners are hiring! To discover the exciting tech opportunities in Nebraska, click below.

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