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Audrey Crane – DesignMap

How I came to be in Nebraska is a story! I went to high school in Colorado, and moved around a bit through college before landing in San Francisco during the first tech bubble. I was there for 20 years when I ran into my high school sweetheart at a reunion that I happened to be in town for. He was a Navy Commander stationed at StratCom. We dated long distance, and I was lucky enough to land some clients in Omaha so that I could visit with some frequency and vice-versa. In August of 2019 the stars aligned and I was able to move out here full time. I’ve loved getting to know Omaha, and have found the people incredibly welcoming and generous.

I am currently one of three Partners at DesignMap, a San-Francisco-based strategy and design firm. We work with clients in the financial, healthcare, and tech sectors (folks like Salesforce, Cisco, and First National Bank!) to help them develop, communication, and undertake their 3-5 year visions.

I also love speaking, and do so at conferences and trainings for clients whenever I can! My book was published essentially the day the pandemic started, so I am still trying to make up for the bad timing with lecture opportunities.

A couple of fun facts about me? I am mom or stepmom to 7 kids, 5 of whom are both still at home and are all girls! And during my freshman year of college, I waited tables during the graveyard shift at The Hen House, a truck stop in Rockport, Missouri. Rockport is about 90 minutes south of Omaha.

If I had five minutes to prepare an hourlong lecture, I would talk about how to turn a directive into a collaboration! I love this topic!

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