Brent Comstock – BCom Solutions

Brent Comstock – BCom Solutions

I grew up in Nebraska, moved away for college, and had no anticipation of returning home when I left. I had received multiple scholarships on the East Coast and, from my perspective at that time, it seemed like the world was calling me elsewhere.

While away, I held on to this “small little side gig” that helped bring in some part-time income…. Little did I know my connection to a small town and my passion for helping others tell their story would really set me on an interesting path; one that led back to Nebraska after completing my college education.

I’m currently building BCom – a digital-first agency that specializes in communicating messages for campaigns and causes in rural America. We’ve worked on small, local media strategies, helped launch presidential online fundraising campaigns, and partnered with some of the biggest names in the state and country to communicate messages to, or on behalf of, rural communities.

As we’ve grown, our team has grown, our areas of expertise have grown, and the work we do has often grown out of rural communities. Still, though, our team remains committed to our rural roots. From our two office locations in Auburn and Lincoln, Nebraska to a hybrid company hiring policy that allows our teammates to work wherever they want (some choose Los Angeles, others choose rural Nebraska), we continue to make a lasting impact on the communities we call home; no matter how large or small.

I’m really hellbent on changing the perception people have of rural communities – both people living IN the rural communities and people living in more urban settings. BCom, and our social impact space the Rural Impact Hub, are just a small portion of the many great things happening in our rural communities and I’m honored to be a part of it.

Two fun facts about me:

1. In high school, the majority of my “income” came from playing the piano and pipe organ at churches in Southeast Nebraska.

2. I’ve been to 6 continents with Antarctica being the only one left to check off the list!


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If I had five minutes to prepare an hour long lecture, I’d teach about the importance of mentors in the life of every successful I’ve ever had the privilege to meet. Companies, textbooks, and college degrees don’t have ideas. People do.