Challenges in Attracting Tech Talent in Today’s Job Market

Challenges in Attracting Tech Talent in Today’s Job Market

It’s no secret that ambitious job seekers have multiple options in today’s tech job market. The Great Resignation, or Great Attrition, has led to vital employees pursuing other opportunities with companies that more closely align with their work and personal goals.

But how do you turn the Great Attrition into the Great Attraction? That is the question many tech companies are being challenged to answer as they seek to recruit and retain top talent.

“Highly motivated and ambitious candidates are looking for interesting problems to solve, and our team is doing some remarkable work with state-of-the-art technologies,” said Courtney Reinert, Chief Operating Officer at Red Berry Innovations.

Like many tech companies across the country and especially in the Midwest, Red Berry Innovations has faced challenges hiring top-tier talent. “We have had to figure out what levers we need to pull to attract top talent,” Reinert said. “Is it the benefits, salary, or location? We can’t compete with the coasts if a candidate’s desire is to live near the ocean.”

Red Berry Innovations has experienced explosive growth since the business began in 2018. The Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business located in the Omaha area provides full-spectrum cyber and machine learning solutions to small and large businesses and the federal government. Some key focus areas include vulnerability research, penetration testing, security program development, machine learning, and virtual reality solutions.

To attract talent such as cyber engineers and data scientists, Red Berry Innovations works through a variety of job search platforms, including Indeed and LinkedIn.

The company has found success in internship programs to develop entry-level talent. Red Berry Innovations works with Intern Nebraska, which provides financial assistance to businesses that create new internships in the state. The company also offers multiple internships through the Department of Defense SkillBridge program. Service members who are in their last 180 days of service can gain valuable civilian work experience through these internships at Red Berry Innovations.

Red Berry Innovations continues to look for innovative ways to attract, develop, and retain the best talent for their organization. “Exceptional benefits, mentoring, flexibility, and autonomy…all of these things are important to our company and to our team,” Reinert said. “We will continue to re-examine what our employees and job candidates want and need and take meaningful action to address those needs.”

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