David Pollock – Code Black

david pollock

David Pollock – Code Black

I am born and raised in Omaha and graduated from South High School. Let’s go Packers!

I’m working on several exciting things.

  • Code Black is gearing up to start (the CompTIA A+ internship program with Capstone IT.
  • Code Black is currently in partnership with Capstone IT and is preparing to graduate 6 students in our Agile internship program.
  • Code Black is preparing to offer Coding, CompTIA A+, and Machine Learning.
  • Code Black is working to build more collaboration and partnerships to reach out across Nebraska.

Code Black is working towards building more business relationships for possible internships and or entry-level opportunities and seeking sponsorships for prospective students.

A couple of fun facts about me? I enjoy creating memories and being silly with my grandson. I also enjoy encouraging, inspiring, and motivating the youth on my summer track team along with racing them.

If I had five minutes to prepare an hourlong lecture, I’d talk about the power of authentic relationships.

Interested in learning more about me and my work? I invite you to check out the following links:

Twitter / https://twitter.com/CodeBlackTech
Facebook / https://CodeBlackIncResourcesNetwork
Instagram / https://code_black_tech.com