The vision of the Internships Committee is to create accessible, high quality internships in Nebraska for EVERY high school, community college and university learner who is considering a technology career path.

We have learned that good people are leading progressive internship programs, but few are at scale. There is a lack of coordinated efforts across businesses, education, non-profits, and government resulting in talented students struggling to find internship opportunities and leaving Nebraska. Our conclusion is that by increasing the number and quality of IT opportunities for students in Nebraska, we will be in a better position to retain, develop and attract IT talent.


Below you can find more information on how we hope to increase, scale and track these internship opportunities to help strengthen the Nebraska talent pipeline.


To increase the number of quality internship opportunities available for a diverse group of talent


Business must step up to offer more and better-quality internships.

Education must step up to attract and graduate more students with tech degrees.

Government must step up to allocate resources and incentivize intern growth.

Non-profits must step up to scale and/or consolidate programs.

Expand High School technology internship programs to influence higher college tech enrollment and grow a strong Nebraska “talent pipeline”.

  • Teach/train businesses to develop high quality, high capacity programs.
  • Deploy Intern Nebraska funding to spur intern positions.
  • Partner with Colleges and Business to promote High School opportunity.
  • Recommended Program Investments (2-5 years).
  • Build intern access and options beyond Omaha & Lincoln.
  • Create “High School thru College” pipeline mindset.
  • Promote and expand programs like Intern Omaha & First Job Lincoln.

Create greater internship capacity at Nebraska companies to keep more students and graduates in-state.

  • Increase funding, promotion and deployment of Intern Nebraska resources.
  • “Internship Summit” with High Schools, Colleges and Business to improve coordination.
  • Teach/train businesses to develop high quality, high capacity programs.
  • Attract Interns from out-of-state schools and retain them at Nebraska companies.

Information to follow shortly.