Nebraska Dev Lab Monthly Update – August

Nebraska Dev Lab Monthly Update – August

During the first two stages, participants were in a mode where they would be taught about a topic, then perform activities to reinforce what they learned. For example, we would cover the topic of automated testing, and then the participants would practice writing some automated tests.

For the third stage, the cohort is working together on their capstone project, where they are putting into practice what they learned during the first two stages. This year’s project involves building a mobile app for the Nebraska Suicide Prevention Coalition which, when completed, will benefit teens and young adults in our state.

The participants are flourishing on the project. They are using Ionic – along with a .NET Core backend – to build the app. This is giving them development experiences on both the frontend and backend.

A big part of the capstone project is the fact that participants must work as a team to achieve something more significant than building a simple software application. They have to write real software and do so as part of a team. This experience is an essential part of the Program.

The participants are completing their tasks faster than expected, so quickly that we have had a tough time keeping up with them. It looks like they will be finishing their involvement on the project early. This allows us to have the students re-implement parts of their work using the same tech stacks as their sponsor organizations, and it will help ensure the participants are equipped with the skills required by their sponsors.

The capstone project is an enjoyable and exciting phase of the Program, and it has been awesome to see what these students have been able to do.

Participant Spotlight: Basim Alali

This month, we are highlighting Doane-sponsored participant Basim Alali.

Why did you sign up for the Pipeline Program?

I always wanted to pursue a degree in the field of technology. We are living in a technological age; technology is a vital part of our life as we know it. When I learned about this program, I wanted to apply and learn more about software development. This program was the best alternative for me to get real experience from industry professionals and get paid while learning software.

What was your level of familiarity with software development prior to starting the program?

I had no prior experience or knowledge in software development. Some fun facts about me: I used the computer for the first time in my life in 2006 and the internet in 2008.

What have you enjoyed about the program so far?

I like how this program is designed to prepare participants in this field of technology. I also like the hands-on approach to learning by practicing different exercises and challenges. I enjoyed working in teams with the rest of these cohort members and instructors. They always helped me when I struggled in any area. I can’t describe their help and support in words. They made this journey far more enjoyable and easier.

What about the program has challenged or surprised you the most so far?

Software is a very complicated field. It requires a lot of effort and patience to learn how to code. Learning new things continually and processing the amount of information was very challenging for me in this program.

Looking ahead to after you’ve completed the program, what most excites you about being able to use the skills and knowledge you’ve gained through the program?

Technology serves a variety of purposes and means different things to different people. I believe in today’s world, technology can be found at every corner of our life. This training helped me to learn more about software and how software can improve our lives. I believe I can apply these skills and knowledge to different aspects of my life. Hopefully, I will utilize what I have learned from this program and use it one day for a good cause or purpose.

Can you list a few things you would recommend to someone applying to a future Dev Lab cohort?

I would highly recommend them to do their due diligence carefully and ensure this is something they would like to do in the future. This program is very intense; they need to be ready to tackle all these complex software issues and challenges on a daily basis. Lastly, I believe learning one programming language basics like Java or JavaScript before starting this program can be a plus. So, please prepare yourself before you begin this program.