Nebraska Tech Collaborative: A Partner for Education

Nebraska Tech Collaborative: A Partner for Education

The Nebraska Dev Lab is not alone in its desire to increase the tech talent here in Nebraska. The Nebraska Tech Collaborative (NTC), an Aksarben Workforce Initiative and a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization was founded in 2018 to “grow the technology talent ecosystem to advance long-term economic prosperity for all Nebraska.” Since then, the Dev Lab and other organizations have joined the NTC to help grow Nebraska’s standing in the tech sector.

With low unemployment, the state is facing challenges in hiring a quality and diverse workforce.  The NTC’s mission is to build a world-class tech talent ecosystem right here in Nebraska. With over 100 partners across the state and growing, the NTC says that failure is not an option. There are seven committees, each tackling a unique aspect of the NTC mission and addressing specific challenges in developing a predictable pipeline of talent: 

Market tech careers to students, teachers, and parents. Increase the number of computer science teachers in order to standardize statewide access to tech education.

Higher Education
Facilitate better alignment between higher education and the business community to produce more students in tech careers and entrepreneurship, and advance business internship opportunities with students.

Career Change and Veterans
Create a road map to training and education for anyone looking to upskill or change to a tech career. Nebraska Dev Lab is part of this committee.

Tech Startup
Identify local resources, expertise, and customers for entrepreneurs. Provide them with the tools necessary to accelerate their participation and success in establishing high-growth businesses in Nebraska.

Create an internship data baseline for businesses and students. Promote opportunities, spanning high school students to career changers, connecting with companies, and participating in work-based learning opportunities.

Diversity and Inclusion
Increase the number of women and people from underrepresented groups into the talent pipeline.

Talent Attraction
Highlight the achievements of Nebraska talent and promote the benefits to those outside the state, encouraging them to relocate here.

As Nebraska Dev Lab looks toward the launch of its second cohort this fall, its partnership with the Tech Collaborative has been indispensable in spreading the word throughout the state about the Dev Lab’s opportunities.

“To address Nebraska’s workforce shortages, business must lead and collaborate with educators, not-for-profit organizations, and government – by working together to drive results, we can build a world-class tech ecosystem in Nebraska,” said Jona Van Deun, President of the NTC.

“Nebraska has all the ingredients needed to make a big impact on the technology landscape,” said Doug Durham, CEO and co-founder of Don’t Panic Labs, and co-founder of Nebraska Dev Lab. “The organizational muscle provided by the Nebraska Tech Collaborative enables us to expand our talent base and ensure a bright future for Nebraska’s tech sector.”

Don’t Panic Labs is proud to partner with the Nebraska Tech Collaborative to help achieve its bold and exciting mission.

Now Seeking Sponsor Organizations for 2021 Cohort

Nebraska Dev Lab is now accepting applications from sponsor organizations for our next cohort.

Organizations interested in sponsoring participants should email to learn more about this opportunity.

More information can be found at

Nebraska Dev Lab is an academic/corporate partnership between Doane University and Don’t Panic Labs, which aims to help address the shortage of qualified software developers in Nebraska.

Through the Pipeline Program, organizations sponsor individuals with no programming experience who are seeking a career change. At the end of the twelve-month immersive experience, these individuals will become high-quality entry-level software developers in their sponsor organizations.

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