The vision of the PK-12 Committee is to develop and expand a community culture that creates opportunities for kids PK-12 to be aware of, inspired to, and prepared for a career in information technology that will grow and retain the talent in the state of Nebraska.

The committee’s tactics to achieving its vision include:

Information Technology Implementation Guide

  • The guide will be an outline for teachers and administrators to prepare students for tech innovations across all careers
  • The guide will provide teachers with insights as to what they should include in a tech curriculum to prepare students for the next evolution in tech

Inspire the 244 Districts to leverage an Implementation guide to educate every student taking information tech curriculum by 2025

  • Complete Draft
  • School Admin Sign Off
  • NE Board of Education Deployment

Rule 10 Revision Recommendations

  • Require Information Technology curriculum to be part of every District

Build Teacher Capabilities in Tech

  • Build methods and opportunities to grow teacher skills and Technical Acumen

Out of School Programs

Company Values Adoption

Incorporate as part of Company values to be externally focused in community

  • Be Change agents in growing Tech awareness and enablement for PK-12
  • Setting targets for donating hours to support giving back to the community
  • Allow flexibility for participation during work hours

CareeRocket/Careerocket Model

  • Require participation for every company participating in NTC

Speaker Brio/Tech Talks

  • Business and employee engagement

Student and Teacher Mentoring

Central Calendarization

  • Incorporates all events and offerings across Nebraska and Regional Areas
  • Build communication and distribution
    • City Chambers
    • Schools/councilors/Teachers
    • Parents/children


  • Sign up by Nov. 30
  • Event Feb. 10 – 17, 2020

Ne Science Fest

  • April 3-26, 2020

School Tech Summits

Drive the completion of the implementation guide

Company Values Adoption, encourage participation

Careerocket participation

Leverage local and tech events and offerings to inspire parents and students – Push communication and distribution

  • City chambers
  • Local businesses
  • Schools/councilors/teachers
  • Parents

Connect with the other committees on interdependencies or synergies