The vision of the PK-12 Committee is to develop and expand a community culture that creates opportunities for kids PK-12 to be aware of, inspired to, and prepared for a career in information technology that will grow and retain the talent in the state of Nebraska.

The committee’s tactics to achieving its vision include:

Information Technology Implementation Guide

  • The guide will be an outline for teachers and administrators to prepare students for tech innovations across all careers
  • The guide will provide teachers with insights as to what they should include in a tech curriculum to prepare students for the next evolution in tech

Inspire the 244 Districts to leverage an Implementation guide to educate every student taking information tech curriculum by 2025

  • Draft completed fall of 2020
  • School Admin Sign Off
  • NE Board of Education Deployment
  • Review and train with school districts

It is recommended by the Nebraska Department of Education, that every student should be exposed to Information Technology (IT) at all grade levels

Build Teacher Capabilities in Tech

  • Build methods and opportunities to grow teacher skills and Technical Acumen

Out of School Programs 

  • Teacher Externship Program

Company Values Adoption

Incorporate as part of Company values to be externally focused in community

  • Be Change agents in growing Tech awareness and enablement for PK-12
  • Setting targets for donating hours to support giving back to the community
  • Allow flexibility for participation during work hours

CareeRocket/Careerocket Model

Speaker Bureau/Tech Talks

  • Coming soon

Student and Teacher Mentoring

Central Calendarization

  • Incorporates all events and offerings across Nebraska and Regional Areas
  • Build communication and distribution
    • City Chambers
    • Schools/councilors/Teachers
    • Parents/children

Deploy Implementation Guide

Company Values Adoption, encourage participation

Out of School Program participation

Leverage local and tech events and offerings to inspire parents and students – Push communication and distribution

  • City chambers
  • Local businesses
  • Schools/councilors/teachers
  • Parents

Connect with the other committees on interdependencies or synergies

  • PK-12 Educator licensed to teach in the state of Nebraska
  • Technology specialization preferred but not required
  • Strong interest in technology and enjoys solving problems with analytical solutions
  • Passionate about technical education
  • 6–8-week summer program
  • Paid internship
  • Meaningful summer project
  • Networking and volunteer opportunities

Contact Jessica Barry from Conagra for more information –

We encourage you to take a moment to check out our PK-12 Committee video.