Scott Henderson – Nmotion Powered by Gener8tor

Scott Henderson – Nmotion Powered by Gener8tor

Both sides of my family came to Nebraska in the 1800s. My great-grandmother was born in Chadron, my great-grandmother died in Scribner, my dad’s family was four generations deep in North Omaha, my mom’s family was four generations in South Omaha, and I was born in Lincoln then raised in Omaha. After I graduated from the University of Nebraska, I moved away for what became a 20-year adventure with stops in Atlanta, Indiana and Boston. I returned to Nebraska in September 2020 to take on the role of leading the NMotion startup accelerator and to be near my parents, who are now retired. It was an easy decision because I could apply my expertise and experiences to help the community that shaped me grow even stronger. I have a keen sense for being where great things are about to emerge and I feel we are on the cusp of something great.

Through NMotion powered by gener8tor, I am helping create the next wave of Nebraska startups. Working with a group of partner organizations, I’m leading the More Founders movement to help those people solving challenges withtheir startups and encouraging more people to become startup founders or join as early employees.

My goal is to start and grow 24 Nebraska startups in the next two years.

Two fun facts about me are that I was born with my two front bottom teeth and my sourdough bread is among the best you’ll ever eat.

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If I had five minutes to prepare an hourlong lecture, I would present on how to create connected awesomeness within and between communities of creative people.