Spencer Munson – Lincoln Calling

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Spencer Munson – Lincoln Calling

I have lived in Nebraska my whole life but always have sought out new experiences, stories, and cultures to share with others. I was fortunate to have parents that, while living very remotely, had traveled the world and accumulated an amazing music collection. I was naturally curious and loved to collect. It was bugs at first, then sports cards, then music. I wanted to know everything about everything. I took every class I could, and was in every sport, club, and production i could be in, giving me opportunities around the state and country.

The next jump was to Lincoln and Nebraska Wesleyan University. While somewhat lost at first, I quickly found footing in digital art, photography, and cultural studies. I also immersed myself into the music world in Lincoln. I DJed house parties and went to any live concert I could afford. I eventually used my degree to cover shows for local journalism outlets and book shows for the Box Awesome which eventually evolved into the Bourbon Theatre. After 6 years helping the Bourbon grow I went out on my own having developed a few multifaceted festivals with friends such as Lincoln Calling, Lincoln Exposed, The Nebraska Folk and Roots Festival, and Hub and Soul. I was also honored to curate and produce Jazz in June for 5 years booking our first two Grammy awards winners for the series. DJing took me to 6 different states, hosting multiple residencies, and garnered a 2017 Omaha Entertainment Award. Lincoln Calling went from a DIY local festival to a nationally recognized non-profit with arts and education programs to compliment the music and the city of Lincoln. 2023 will be the 20th Anniversary.

I now work in student engagement at Doane University in Crete overseeing student clubs, entertainment, and intramurals.

I still buy and sell records @spindlerecords. I DJ as $pencelove. Catch me at O’Rourkes monthly.
Still keeping the streets alive @Lincolncalling @hubandsoul.

I am DJing more and more. Dancing with friends was the biggest hole in my heart during the pandemic and I will not take that for granted.

I’ve been working on more interviews and exclusive content for my KZUM radio show “The Point of Departure”. The show features modern jazz and R&B blending with global and spiritual vibes.

Lincoln Calling gets back to normal. At one point we had 100 bands over 4 days at 8 venues. After scaling back to stickily digital and then only 4 venues we are excited to take over downtown once again! Look out for the Hub and Soul lineup at Union Plaza in Sept!

I am creating more opportunities for my students in Crete and starting a masters degree in the fall.

I’m working towards a winter home in Mexico.

A couple of fun facts about me? I grew up on a ranch breaking Arabian horses with my dad and grandfather. I would ride those horses through the badlands and the Pine Ridge collecting 30 million year old pre-evolutionary mammal fossils. I also own over 5000 records and have a turntable on each of the three floors of my house.

If I had five minutes to prepare an hourlong lecture, I would talk about the influence of 60s and 70s independent black jazz labels and musicians on the music industry and the civil rights movement.

Interested in learning more about me and my work? I invite you to check out the following links:

@spencermunson on all platforms.