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Susan Stibal – Inside Outside

My great-grandfather was a Nebraska homesteader in the 1880s. That must be where my love of Nebraska originated and ultimately where my lifetime of work dedicated to growing Nebraska’s quality of life began. I grew up in Lincoln and always appreciated the richness of opportunities and its people. I attended the University of Iowa and spent a Semester at Sea, then came back to Nebraska for my graduate work at the University of Nebraska. In my career, I’ve worked for Nebraska Governors, helped small and large businesses grow both locally and abroad, and supported the development and finance of affordable housing. I also worked in Hong Kong doing trade development, corporate communication, and global marketing. After traveling extensively around the world, I can say, without a doubt, that Nebraska is home.

I’m currently building Inside Outside Innovation as an organization that helps innovators in Nebraska and around the world thrive in uncertainty. I’m also working on educating, advocating, and advancing the science for children with hearing loss. This involves serving as a national mentor, cofounding a local advocacy group, and participating in research around the country.

I have several goals I’m working towards including:

  • Building a world-class innovation ecosystem in Nebraska. Sharing and collaborating through immersive events, an innovation podcast, and weekly newsletter.
  • Managing a family. Creating good people for now and in the future.
  • Speaking Spanish. I’ve completed almost a year of daily practice on Duolingo.
  • Putting Service Above Self. Continue to serve others as a 20-year Rotarian.

A couple of fun facts about me? I cofounded the award-winning Hear to Learn project, a parent-driven initiative that ultimately put classroom amplification systems in every Lincoln Public Schools Classroom and beyond. I also love playing Pickleball. It’s the fastest growing sport in America.

If I had five minutes to prepare an hourlong lecture, I would talk about Hearing Loss 101 and the big impact that hearing aids and cochlear implants can make. After teaching Intercultural Communication and Consumer Behavior at Nebraska Wesleyan for 10 years, an hour would be no problem!

Interested in learning more about me and my work? I invite you to check out the following links:
Twitter: @stibal